Specialist Recruitment

We are here to help you ensure you get it right the first time. At the outset, we will assist you to critically evaluate your existing resources so you can understand how it shapes up to what you need to grow your business and move forward.


Search and Selection

Once we have a clear understanding of what you want, we craft an impactful job description and dive into the search process. We will recommend the use of additional aids such as aptitude and psychometric tests when required. Thereafter, we will help you decide on your selection process and criteria, assisting you every step of the way to make the ideal selection.


Interview Services

Once we identify a shortlist of potential candidates, we will move onto the next stage – interviewing. These could comprise of telephonic, one-to-one or panel. During this stage, we will help you to formulate questions that will aim to extract the most pertinent information from the person who meets the criteria you are looking for.


Reference Checking

Our diligent reference checking service is an accurate way to confirm a given candidate’s academic qualifications, criminal record, employment history, permanent residency verification, driver’s licence and professional association membership.


Orientation and Employee Placement

Once a job offer has been made to an ideal candidate, we assist with orientating the selected candidate by being involved with the induction process (explaining rules, regulations and other company policies) and ensure they understand what their job description entails. The proper placement of new employees will lower the chances of their absenteeism attributing to a higher level of job satisfaction.


Executive Search for Management Positions

This entails the process of headhunting where we draw on our high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research processes to identify the ideal candidates. Once we identify outstanding candidates, we initiate an evaluation where we aim to guarantee a positive match. It is during this executive search process that we invest time into candidates by communicating the superior value of the opportunity.

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